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Had to let secret out....

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Had to let secret out....

Post by ~*~TiGgY~*~ on Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:59 pm

We still not had chance to get a test done wat wi this crappy snow and aly starting school etc but I been getting sharp pains in my side so mum said she will go get Aly from school for me so I had to tell her but told her to not get her hopes up til we know for sure.

Feel kinda better now that she knows as my step dad was a right pr**k.

He came down at the weekend to see Aly start school wi his new girlfriend (aka Pie Face, who he left mum for) But as we came to an agreement that as long as he keeps contact wi Aly we dun care who he with.

anyway he came down wi pie face and a friends kid and spent more wi them than he did wi aly.

anyway mum got a letter thru from the hosp bout an appt she got on wed and she asked nicely if billy cud take her home but pie face went in a right strop so he left and didnt even come to say bye to aly or call or text to say he had gone back to glasgow so mum had to ring hposp and say she stuck here til weekend luckily they gave her aonther appt for next week.

anyways im angry at him for putting her before his grand daughter so he has been told contact will end if he doesnt get his act together.

ye i know i cant tell him to leave pie face but if he got time for grandkids he got time for his own.

sorry for the rant. and the slight off topicness.


Dates still to be confirmed.

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Re: Had to let secret out....

Post by cas on Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:13 pm

its ok hun hope everything works out


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